Breathe, Children, Breathe

breathing collage.jpg

Circle time in our classroom has somehow gone from impressive to insane. Maybe that’s a bit over dramatic. In any case, I know that we go through phases in the preschool classroom. Whether we’ve got cabin fever (April is still winter in Upstate NY) or the addition of a few new characters in our production, circle time has escaped me these days. I’m a firm believer that it’s our job as teachers to make circle engaging enough that the kids will attend. Oh, our kids are attending all right – to each other! 

So, I wanted to try something different. We recently had a yoga training at one of our conference days and the instructor showed us some interesting breathing exercises. What I’ve decided to do is just the good old ‘in through the nose, out through the mouth’ to start circle time this week. So I picked up some fake roses, a box of birthday candles, and some green scotch tape. I happened to have some lollipop sticks. I taped the rose around one end and the candle around the other end. My plan is to give each child one of these (pictured in the lower right hand side) when they get to their seat and we’ll all try a few rounds of “smell the flower, blow out the candle”. If breathing really makes a difference, a few rounds of this should help us start out circle time a little calmer Monday! But just to humor myself, I’m predicting that there will be a few kids who manage in the first few seconds to tear off the flower, pull off the tape, and try to chew the candle. Ahhhh…preschool 🙂