Creating a Space

Untitled collage

Spring Break is just about over and as usual, there were projects! Among them was creating a space in my bedroom to unwind, look out the window, or just feel satisfied that I’m not waking up to a pile of clothes on the floor! There’s something so rewarding about staring at a before and after photo so I’ve created a collage showing the 2 pieces of furniture I bought at Mimi’s Attic, our local used furniture store. Just walking into this place makes me inspired! There’s always so much to choose from but this time I wanted to keep my finished project to under $100, which I did. The 2 items pictured are:

  1. A vintage vanity seat painted in sheepskin chalk paint and covered with some updated fabric
  2. An old metal and wood CD rack with the metal frame painted in the same color chalk paint and the shelves painted with blue milk paint, which I’ve never used before but LOVE!

There are a few items on the finished shelves that also came from Mimi’s – succulents in a small pitcher, a glass oil jar and 2 small cups (perfect for brandy or some other ladylike drink). When my alarm goes off at 6:30 tomorrow morning, I’ll wake with a smile on my face, looking at one of this week’s accomplishments, which will help as I wake with a groan at having to readjust my sleeping schedule.

Here’s another photo of the finished project:

mimis after 2


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