DIY Sticker Shadow Activity

As I may or may not have previously confessed, I am a sticker hoarder. Partially because I like stickers but don’t like the way they are often used – carelessly placed on paper, furniture or the floor. One way I’ve added a little more purpose to the use of stickers is by creating a background scene with shadows for the kids to apply stickers to. It’s pretty simple to do. First you start with a background scene. For example, when we were doing a ‘Rainforest’ theme, I found a suitable background.

rainforest pic first

Next, I added some rainforest stickers to the scene.

rainforest pic 1

I made a copy of this and used a black sharpie to color in the places where the stickers were, creating a shadow outline.

rainforest pic 3

I made copies of these and gave the kids some green crayons to color the background and the stickers to apply to the shadows, adding the skill of visual discrimination.

rainforrest pic 4

There you have it – a more purposeful way of using stickers!


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