Light It Up Blue

autism awareness day collage


Why Me & the Crew

Are Blue

on April 2

(it’s a color, not a feeling)


Autism is not an illness. Although there are areas of impairment associated with Autism, it is not contagious, progressive, or degenerative. I have a confession; Autism is not something I hope is gone in 20 years. Does that seem selfish? Maybe it is. I just want to say that every child with Autism I’ve worked with had something precious, amazing, and unique about them. I’ve said it a million times but maybe today, World Autism Awareness Day, is the perfect day to say it again; there are few things more thrilling than watching a child with Autism break through their shell to take a peek around the world, to let you see who they really are, to share in what makes them happy, to see how excited they are when they learn how to communicate. So today and throughout the month of April, we celebrate these very special people.


One thought on “Light It Up Blue

  1. I heard a story on NPR the other day about and with a man who had autism, and how his parents worked with him. All I could think of was “If only he’d been Mary’s student, it wouldn’t have taken so long for him to improve.”

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