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Safari Ltd Arctic Toobs – Many of you probably have a collection of these like I do because they’re great for nature themes. For our Arctic theme, I use these to teach and play.

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I usually buy my toobs at Michaels or ACMoore with a 40% off coupon. For the past few years, I have not been able to find the previous year’s toob so I end up buying a new one. This year, I found the old sets after I had purchased a new set! It was OK though because it meant less fighting over preferred animals. Plus, little things often go missing in the classroom, if you know what I mean 🙂

I purchased ‘Arctic Animals Pack’ from Kidsparkz on TeachersPayTeachers. It comes with posters, photos, games, and activities. You could certainly make these yourself if you have time (and energy). I laminated the picture of each animal in the Arctic Toob on one side of a card and the facts about it on the other side. I put the cards together on a ring so they could easily be flipped through. At circle time, I passed out an animal to each child and placed the cards on the floor. As I named the animal, I had the kids come up and put their animal on the corresponding picture. Matching objects to their pictures is a great basic skill.

arctic discovery 2 for blog

During choice time, I made an arctic sensory play box with some artificial snow. I left that on a table with the cards and arctic animals as an invitation to play. The kids really enjoy this. The set also comes with a guy on a dogsled and an igloo, which makes a nice addition to the sensory box.

It is no coincidence that I’m writing this post on a day when school has been cancelled because of the wind chill factor. I’m looking out the window at MOUNDS of snow from the past week. True story.


One thought on “arctic discovery

  1. I love that you always find inexpensive ways to get the supplies and let the reader know how. Then you use your creativity to manipulate of supplement them. Well done!

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