It’s your name – spell it, write it

spell it write it pic 1 for blog

Already February….hmmm….what do our preschoolers heading to Kindergarten need to brush up on during the coming months? Yes, mastering their names. To help them with this, I printed their names in capital letters in a large light gray comic sans font, mounted that on a piece of cardstock, and laminated it. Then I put a thin strip of clear velcro above it. You can’t really see that in the picture but clear velcro is my new favorite! I buy it by the yard at the fabric store. The hard side is clear and the soft side is white. Not only is the clear side awesome because it’s, well….clear but it’s SOOOO much easier for the kids to use. They don’t have to use so much force to detach. But I digress….

Anyway, if you’ve seen an earlier post I wrote, a few years ago I made a whole alphabet of laminated letters in caps and lower case, for the kids who are ready to manipulate letters but not yet able to write them well. I used some of those for this activity. In small group, I have the kids first use the letters to sequence their names on the velcro strip. Then they use a wite board marker to trace their names. When they’re done, I have them name each letter (or repeat it as I say and point if they can’t yet identify them).

spell it write it pic2 for blog


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