Our Latest Greatest Toy….

waterways pic for blog

This is the time of year that we refer to as the dog days of winter. In a classroom with 16 preschoolers, most of whom are boys, February holds a higher than average risk of contracting the dreaded epidemic – BOREDOM. We rarely get a chance to go outside to play because it is too cold so we have to pull out all the stops in the classroom. With so many sensory seekers in our class, we got a lot of mileage this week from our new Lakeshore Toy. I’m a bargain shopper through and through but fellow teachers, this toy is not available in the dollar store. If you happen to have some money in your classroom budget, this is a great investment!

water ways collage for blog

Pictured above is the Waterways Pipe Builders Master Set, which sells for $39.99. It drives me crazy that you almost always pay a lot for shipping at Lakeshore and it takes at least a week to arrive. Clearly Amazon Prime has spoiled me. I want it in 2 days with free shipping! However, this toy is worth the wait. You connect these plastic tubes together to form a contraption that allows the kids to pour water into funnels and when the pressure increases, it pours out through another end. We used 4 funnels so that 4 different kids could use cups to pour water into. The water then came out into 2 containers (not included), which the kids used to scoop up more water, and so on, and so on. We put our contraption on towels since the scooping and pouring was a wet affair, especially for some of our kiddos with delayed fine motor skills. To create more visual appeal, we added color and glitter to our water. One day we put red water in one container and blue in the other. Within a few minutes, all of the water was purple. There is a starter set that has fewer pieces. I decided to buy that one as well. As soon as it arrives, we’ll add to our contraption so that we have even more space for kids to scoop and pour from. The 2 sets together will run you $70 plus the outrageous shipping fee, but alas, this is a Lakeshore original product. Of course, those of you with more time and less money could probably fashion something similar from plastic plumbing pipes. I’m too busy for that. And lazy 🙂



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