sparkle bottles

sparkle bottle green

Yesterday I decided to make some of the gorgeous bottles I’ve seen on Pinterest. Like most creative things, there are a few different versions and there are better and worse ingredients to use. The ones I saw on used Smart Water bottles and I liked how tall and narrow they were but wanted to try a bottle that was even narrower so little hands could hold them more easily. I found these –


The drinks on the left were from Tops ($1 each – but yuck…poured out the drinks after 1 sip). The bottles on the right were from Hobby Lobby ($1.99 for a pack of 2). These were the supplies I used –

supply pictures for bottle project The Sparkle Glitter Glue in the larger bottles were from Walmart (about $4) and worked the best. The glitter glue was completely water soluble so when I added it to a bottle of warm water, it blended easily. For some reason, the stuff pictured below turned clumpy and didn’t dissolve as well. I loved the variety of colors but was really disappointed in the way it interacted with the water…weird! Just looked like worms in a test tube.


OK, so to make them, I just added warm water to the bottle (about 4 parts water to 1 part glitter glue but it’s not a science – just shake it up and see if you like the way it looks). Then I added some extra fine glitter. I added a few beads in some bottles and sequins in others but you can’t really see them very well because the sparkles are pretty dense. After I was satisfied with the contents of each bottle, I used hot glue to seal the lid and wrapped sparkly duct tape around the lid for a little extra visual effect. I had to use hot glue on the duct tape because for some reason, it kept unpeeling. It’s duct tape – what the heck!?

Here’s how they turned out –


All in all, a pretty satisfying project. What will I use them for? Just as a sensory object. I may give them to the new kiddos to hold during circle time or as a transition object to get kids to the table for mealtime. I just HOPE the plastic doesn’t crack and they start leaking. What a sparkly mess that would be! Everything inside is non-toxic and could be wiped up but if it leaks on a rug or in a mouth – oh dear!


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