stocking up for a mysterious Fall….

This year is an anomaly…typically we have about half of our class moving on to Kindergarten and half staying for another year of preschool. However, last year we ended up getting 4 year olds in the Fall, so here we are looking at a new school year with an entirely new class of special ed. kids! That means a whole new group of little ones, which is exciting but requires one to be prepared for the unknown. So, walking through stores is a little like preparing for a camping trip – you want to be prepared for anything! Yesterday I found the pocket charts that I’ve seen so many teachers grabbing up at Target but more importantly, I found these….



It’s so funny how the simplest things excite a teacher…things you thought of and wish existed but never found. So here they are – for $3.00! I bought 2 yesterday and went back today, determined to buy as many more as I could. But of course, there was only 1 left! What will I use them for? Well, in addition to our work boxes, we have work bags. The work bags are the surplus work tasks that don’t need a whole box but could be stored in a gallon size storage bag. I looked EVERYWHERE for a way to conveniently carry a few ‘work bags’ to a table. I finally gave up. And then they appeared – with handles no less!


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