totally irresistable work boxes to practice number sense!

totally irr work box

Long time, no blog…summer has been flying by! We’re half way through our 6 week summer program and my first few weeks post-surgery have been fine – like I was never away. I’ve continued to replace/refresh our work boxes, with a focus on counting skills. All of these tasks combine preschool concepts (numbers) with fine motor practice.  Here are a few of our new work boxes:


This is a version of another work box task I’ve done but instead of matching letters, the kids use clothespins to match numbers and shapes onto the CD.


I love the visual appeal of this task. The kids string the correct number of plastic butterfly beads onto the wire that is attached to a laminated number. Just to make it cuter, I used a butterfly print cardstock as a background for the numbers 🙂


This task includes a variety of unifix blocks and a laminated picture of the towers the kids are to make.


For this task, I used a bag of star buttons on sale from one of the discount stores – maybe Walmart? The containers were part of a storage system on sale at Michaels for 4.99 (originally about $40 – guess they weren’t big sellers – I just wanted the containers!). I taped the numbers 1-10 on the lids and and the kids have to place the correct number of stars in each container. The containers have twist-off lids so they allow for practice putting on and taking off the lids.


Finally, the newest work box task comes with this laminated picture of 5 colors of foam blocks (purchased from Target in the dollar section). The task is to stack the blocks by color and then to count the blocks in the stack and attach the correct number in front of the stack, as shown.

These tasks should stand up to plenty of use thanks to my trusty laminator. Each task uses relatively inexpensive materials that are readily available at your nearby craft/discount store. If you don’t have access to a color printer, you can always just use markers to make things more colorful. I love seeing the comments of my staff on the data sheets expressing the kids’ excitement when they are presented with a new task during our morning work box time!


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