‘Desert’ theme Ideas

desert collage
It’s summer program at our school…6 more weeks with our current class before most of them head off to Kindergarten 😦

Anyway, on a happy note, 2 of my favorite summer themes are the ‘Desert’ and the ‘Ocean.’ We’re starting with the Desert for the first half of summer. We made a little desert in a plastic container with a lid – on sale at Michaels last week for 4.99. I splurged and bought a 2 lb. box of Kinetic Sand. Unfortunately, I gather from Pinterest, that you cannot make this stuff yourself because of the chemical they add to the sand. Then they put it on sale so you cannot use your 40% off coupon. So, yes, $12.99 was a splurge! Especially considering that before long, the sand will end up everywhere but in the box and the desert will be deserted! Oh well, back to the point. I bought the Desert Safari Toob and took pictures of each of the pieces.


Believe it or not, there aren’t any camels in the toob. But I had a few from some other bin of plastic animals. I also had some pieces from the previous year’s Safari Toob so there are 2 of some things pictured above, such as the cactuses. I printed and laminated the labelled pictures of each Toob animal. Then I put velcro on the picture so I could take the pictures out for circle time activities. For example, one day I held up a picture after passing out each of the plastic animals and asked, “Who has the prairie dog?” The child with that animal brought it up and placed in on the picture. Then I asked, “what is this?” to reinforce learning the new vocabulary. Most of my kids couldn’t identify (nor could I) any of the animals except for the snake.


Also included in our Desert box is a ball of some kind of modeling compound that air dries and has a sparkling finish.  I also got that at Michaels and I think it cost about 3.99 (before my teacher’s discount). I pushed the cactuses into it to make it look like a hill. Forgot to mention that I put sandpaper under the sand.





This week, I’ll create a cut and paste emergent reader for my small groups. By the end of the week, I should have this available at my teacher’s pay teacher’s store –

TeachEach1 Fun – stay tuned!


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