CD fine motor activity

CD fine motor activity

Here’s one of the many tasks we use for our work boxes…
It has all of the elements of my favorite kind of task – simple to make, visually appealing, and targets both preschool concepts and fine motor skills.
I made this by using a paint marker to write letters, numbers, etc. on an old CD. Then I put a matching symbol on a clothespin for the kids to match. You could certainly use it for something different than matching. For example, you could do ‘fill in the missing number/letter’ to work on sequencing. The one you see pictured requires the kids to match numbers 1-8 and 8 different shapes – circle, square, triangle, moon, diamond, star, oval, and rectangle. We have been using one with letter matching for a few months and all of my kids are motivated by that task so I’ve created another with numbers/shapes.
I cannot remember where I got this idea but I know it was not mine. I saw it online or in a book a couple of years ago. If you were the one who came up with it – please let me know and I’ll give you credit! It was some clever person’s idea!


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