Punching Fun!

This week I designed a series of Punch Cards to use as work box activities. I’ve seen a variety of punching activities with letters and numbers but I wanted something that would have more visual interest to the child who is new to the world of hole punching. So I created a total of 10 sheets with common objects around the border and the target picture in the middle. So far, my little hole punchers love them! One of my assistants commented on a data sheet – “wanted to keep going.” What happier words are there to a teacher’s ears?



Oh, 1 important thing about the hole punchers. I think that’s part of why our kids are enjoying this activity. Many of them have fine motor issues so I invested in a couple of pairs of PaperPro One Hole Punches. I got them on Amazon. It’s amazing how much easier these are for our kids to manipulate.

If you’d like to try a page out, there’s a freebie page with 4 cards in my TPT store, TeachEach1 Fun. I then took the big step of putting my first product up for sale – a series of 10 pages of Punch It Picture Cards.


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