In the Garden Sticker Story



For our ‘Garden’ theme, I wrote a super simple emergent reader called ‘In the Garden.’ I found a couple of sticker books at the craft store that had the stickers I wanted for my little book. Being a sticker hoarder, I’m sure there are tons of places to find the 5 stickers I used: snail, birds, mushrooms, flowers, butterflies, and flowers. It’s a predictable text with the sight words, ‘in’ ‘the’ ‘I’ and ‘see.’ It also has a cut and paste page for the kids to cut out the numbers 1-5.

Step 1 – CUT




Step 2 – GLUE


Step 3 – STICKERS!


Before they started and after they finished, I read through the pocket chart version with them.


I put this in my TPT store, TeachEach1 Fun, as a freebie:

Note: the freebie is in color but to save $, I printed it in black and white on colored paper – still looks cute and much cheaper if you’re making a lot. I love how even my kiddos who don’t know all of the letters of their name still enjoy making these little books and are able to follow my finger move across the text as they recite back to me after they’ve finished, reinforcing the relationship between print and spoken words 🙂


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