Ladybug Emergent Reader with Foam Stickers


If you are like me, work with little ones (3-5), and can’t resist the sales on seasonal stickers, here’s a cute activity for your ‘Ladybugs’ or ‘Bugs’ theme (or just for fun!). I bought small packets of ladybug and flower foam stickers at the local craft stores. One of these was from JoAnn Fabrics and the other from Michaels. They were cheap – less than $2.


I made a little emergent reader for my small group this week. You can download it on my TPT store (TeachEach1 Fun). Here’s the link:


I’m using this color coding system to enable my kids to put together these little books independently. Here’s what I do:


So I read the text to them once, pointing out the line under each color word. Then I gave them their book and stickers in a cute little silicone baking cup I picked up and told them to get to work!



All they really have to do is match the underlined color word to the flower sticker.I love that I can give them their materials and sit back and watch them work. I truly LOVE observing kids!


After the kids have finished, I go through and read it with them. Some of them have already memorized the simple text and when I point under each word, they are reciting it. For others, I read it and stop when I get to the color word for them to fill in. For those that don’t yet identify colors (remember that I teach in an integrated preK), I read it to them and do errorless learning, which if you don’t know what I mean, goes like this. I say, “Ladybug is on a blue flower. What color?”

They came out very cute and one can only hope the kids go home and ‘read’ them to someone else!

After each of the kids had made the little book, I had them ‘read’ it in a pocket chart at circle time.



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