What could bee sweeter?

What could bee sweeter?

Sometimes one part of the day is so endearing, it takes away the fact that you didn’t sleep well the night before….
Today my assistant made the cutest thing in food group with the kids. It’s part of our ‘Bugs’ theme – a bee made with apples, blueberries, Kix, a rice cake with cream cheese, and carrot slivers for the antennae and stinger. Adorable and a yummy snack! Then in music group I taught the kids that old song, “I’m bringing home a baby bumblebee…” I gave them each a plastic bee from the Honeybee game. They thought it was so funny at the part where you drop it and say, “OW! It stung me!” They loved squishing it up and saying, “EW! It’s all over me!” They wanted to sing it 3 times and laughed more each time we sang. SO CUTE!!!! Of course I had to preface the song by saying, “Boys and girls, do we really catch bees in our hands and squish them up?” That’s all we need!


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