Spring Bulletin Board


I truly love doing bulletin boards – always have. Sometimes I end up with something I love and other times, I’m not so crazy about how they turn out. They take so much time and I always feel a little guilty spending time being artsy rather than doing other planning and prep. We finished our Spring bulletin board this week and I have to say I love it. It’s a collection of different things I’ve seen on pinterest. If you look at my ‘stuff to make’ pins, you’ll see where most of these ideas started. From left to right here is a description of the flowers the kids made for each window box:

The first flowers were made by cutting open those small craft cups, kind of like the ones at a dentist’s office. Inside they glued the shredded tissue paper pieces (I think they’re called FLOX – you could just make your own). They painted the flowers and glued them to green construction paper stems/leaves. I added some felt ‘vines’ on that window box.

The second flowers were colored construction paper cut into circular swirls. I rolled them up and taped the ends. There are actually only a couple of kids in our class who can cut that well so these flowers were made by just one enthusiastic little girl and I!

The middle window box is filled with pre-made cardstock flower shapes. I bought those from one of the school supply places online. You get a pack of them and they are actually big stickers. I had the kids glue mini muffin cups in the middle with a circle of textured foam inside. Then they glued tissue paper to the petals and painted the stems and leaves green.

The forth box (there’s not a close up of this one) is just made with corks dipped in paint and dotted into the shape of a flower. I gave the kids a sample and this is what they came up with. These are the only flowers that aren’t 3 dimensional.

The final box is filled with tissue flowers. You know, the kind we made as kids? Tissues folded accordian style, fastened in the middle and then gently pulled apart. I made one for each child and they used liquid watercolors to color them. 

To finish off the board, I used some festive wrapping paper to make ‘curtains’ at the top of each window. I love having 3 dimensional elements on a bulletin board. I might pick up some birds/butterflies to add to the board. They’re on sale at all the craft stores!  This came out so cute, I might get away with keeping it up until the Fall 🙂


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