For love of a ladybug



This week we started our ‘Bug’ theme. I like to get something every year for the kids to watch going through metamorphosis. Last year we had butterflies and this year I chose ladybugs. I ordered a kit from Insect Lore for $19.99 with a set of the 4 plastic life cycle pieces for $5.99. I placed the cage along with the life cycle stages and a couple of small magnifying glasses on a tray for the kids to watch throughout the day.

In our small group, I used a cut-and-paste activity freebie from TPT by Michelle Griffo. The kids cut out and sequenced the 4 life cycle stages. In art group, our Daycare Teacher created an activity where the kids had to identify the number written on a ladybug wing and glue the corresponding number of dots on. For our weekly food group, my Teaching Assistant had the kids make ladybugs out of tomato slices, black olives for the head with 2 slivers of celery for antennas. The ladybug spots were sliced blueberries and the whole thing sat on a piece of lettuce. Super cute! Hopefully the larva crawling around the cage will soon be adult ladybugs and we can go through the always funny process of naming them!



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