At some point a few years ago, I realized that 1 sensory table was just not enough to satisfy the sensory appetites in our integrated preschool classroom. So I bought a few large shallow containers with lids and made 4 sensory tubs. That way, I could actually have sensory centers. At that time I had so many sensory seekers, I actually scheduled time during the day when each child was assigned to a sensory tub. We rotated depending on the preferences of the kids. For the most part, the kids liked all of the choices. Here are some of the materials in the rotation: beans, birdseed, rice, colored sand, soil, and colored pellets. I included accessories such as: shells, small toy turtles, small birds, artificial flowers, and the usual things to scoop and pour. Image


3 thoughts on “SENSORY CENTERS

  1. I still remember the sensory centers from my preschool! It was the best part of the day for me every time I got to play in the sand, water, dirt, beans, or whatever they had that day. I agree with you that they are an important part of the classroom, and I love your creativity with the colored gems!!

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